Ancestor Altar

(Spiritual Altar, Ancestral Altar)

What Is An Ancestor Altar?

An Ancestor Altar is a sacred space that can be dedicated to specific energies/realities for rituals, spiritual expressions, evolution, prayer, divination, etc.

Your Ancestral Altar is also a place to meditate, communicate with your lineage, learn and receive clarity. You are there to listen, ask questions, strengthen your will and get to know your ancestors. You can also make offerings to your ancestors by burning Ancestor Money (Joss Paper).

Your Ancestors will freely come to you and answer your questions. Often, they will remain with you to guide and clarify the messages you receive. While meditating at your altar, you will open to intuitive abilities you never saw before.

An Ancestor Altar is committed to truth, love, harmony and placed in a space where you can return to your practices regularly and without interruption. You are to burn incense, make offerings (Ancestor Money), play music, and use items on the altar to help it to remain pure.

Medicine Buddha

Who can use an ancestor altar?

Anyone can build an Ancestral Altar. You don’t have to be an advanced occultist or part of a group to build an altar and use it successfully. It is a personal space where you can build relationships, meditate, communicate, and connect with your ancestors.

So whenever you wish to engage in your spiritual path you can have your own place where you will not be disturbed by others. Having a regular spiritual practice is great for you.

The problem is, some people are simply lazy and cant find the time to practice their daily invocation and regular prayers to their deities and Ancestors.
If you do spiritual practices with your altar, and your consistent, something great will happen to you. You’ll be connected to a divine world where you can communicate with The Gods, your ancestors and much more.
Ancestor Altar
How to build a Ancestor Altar
Ancestor Altar_ Fire

How do you use a Ancestor (spiritual) Altar?

As mentioned earlier, there is no right or wrong way to build an Ancestor Altar, but there are some basic guidelines that form the basis of the Altar.

Initially, the Spiritual Altar is minimal, but over time you will find that the altar grows with a personal item or with the specific energy the altar is dedicated to.

Items placed on the altar are simply tools and symbols that speak and activate the subconscious.

The tools you need to progress are already in you and waiting to be ignited. With the altar, you are simply projecting the elements that make up the energy already within you.


Choose a place that looks and feels “right”

If there is an empty room in your house, it can be dedicated to building an Ancestor Altar. However, not all of us have this luxury.

If you have very little space at home, consider building your Ancestor Altar in your Bedroom, Living Room, Closet or a quiet place for privacy.

When looking for a place, ask yourself the following questions:
-Does this place look appropriate?
-Do you feel that this place is “right”?
-Is there any privacy here?
-Is it quiet?
-Can you build an altar here without disturbing others?
The ideal place at home is a “secluded” quiet and comfortable place. It doesn’t have to be very large. You may want to create a “small” Altar because of space constraints or simple preferences. Do what you feel most comfortable with your needs and your current life situation.
Cleanse the space

Cleanse the space you want to use

To energetically clean the room, A person can use:
-Sound to cleanse their space, for example, you can use a singing bowl.
-Smells (burning incense or sage).
-Light (light a candle or open a window and let the sun into the room).

Please remember to open a window or a door to allow the negative energy to leave the space.

Fire, Water, Air And Earth

What Do I Need to Setup My Ancestor Altar?

There are Four Elements that you need to have on your Ancestor Altar. These elements are Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Understanding what each element represents can help you determine what your strengths and weaknesses are.
Fire Element

Fire Element Symbols & Meaning

Fire is the symbol of transformation and cleansing, and of the purifying and transformative powers of the soul. Fire is also the symbol of divinity, as it is the burning and consuming power of the Supreme Creator, and of the highest spiritual energy in the universe.

Fire is associated with the South and the season of summer, which is the hottest season of the year and is associated with the planet Mars. Fire is also associated with the colour red.

Fire represents the active, assertive, and intense qualities of human nature, In its positive aspect, fire represents courage, passion, creativity, and assertiveness; in its negative aspect, fire represents aggression, violence, and destruction.

Water Element Symbols & Meaning

Water is a symbol of emotions, the unconscious, intuition, sensitivity, empathy, dreams, the unconscious, healing, cleansing and the birth-death-rebirth cycle. Water is a feminine symbol, representing the womb, the yoni, the moon as well as the Great Mother Goddess

Water element corresponds to the fluidity of the body and mind, and the ability to adapt to the environment. The water element is closely tied to the organ system that regulates the flow of water in the body The water element rules the kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands, and the 12th or third eye chakra.

The energy of the water element is often associated with the cycles of creation.

Water Element
Air Element

Air Element Symbols & Meaning

The air element is the element of the mind, intellect and thoughts. It is also the element of the east and the colour is yellow. It can be used to create a balance when there is an imbalance or to protect yourself and others from negative energy. The air element is the element of the intellect. It is the element of mental activity, intellect, wisdom, communication, thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.

It is the element that makes people want to travel and explore new things. It is also known as the yang element. The element of air is associated with the planet Jupiter.

Earth Element Symbols & Meaning

Earth represents the physical reality we live in. Earth is the element of manifestation. Everything we do on this planet earth is manifested through earth energy. It represents the day to day physical world that we live in and it also represents what we can create from the raw materials on our planet earth.

It is also the element that is associated with our body. It is where our physical body resides. It also represents the part of us that we are not aware of; our unconscious mind, our energy field, and our cellular structure.

The earth element is aligned with the number 8. This is a double 4 that brings balance, making it an ideal number for the Earth element. In nature, what you so, you reap. Metaphysically, this has to do with our karma.

Earth Element

What are the 4 ELEMENTS I can use on my altar?

FIRE - Super KAnd-ELS

Fire represents energy, passion, and force. In the physical world, it is used for heat and light.

It can be used to create everything from food to clothes, and it is a key element in medicine.

Fire is the element of transformation. It allows change to happen.

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Water represents emotions, intuition, and sensitivity.

Water is the element of emotion. It shows us what we are feeling and helps us connect with our emotions.

Water is also used in many forms of medicine and healing. Water is the element of healing.

AIR - (Burning incense )

Burning incense is a great way to manifest the air element on your altar.

Air (Wind) represents air, communication, and freedom. Air is the element of movement and it moves things across vast distances.

Wind can be used to create storms or to move objects.

Earth - (Crystals and plants )

Crystals and plants are also great symbols of the earth element for any Altar. Earth represents the physical reality we live in.

Earth is the element of manifestation. Everything we do on this planet earth is manifested through earth energy.

It represents the day to day physical world that we live in and it also represents what we can create from the raw materials on our planet.

Ancestor Altar, FAQ’S

What is a altar?

An altar is a term used in many different contexts and is often used to describe the sacred space around which a variety of spiritual and/or religious activities occur. The term altar may also be used to refer to the physical structure on which a sacred object is placed and upon which offerings are made.

Is it okay if I use objects for my spiritual altar that have come from other religions?

If it is your desire to use objects from other religions, then go ahead and do so. Just make sure that any objects you have on your altar are things that are meaningful to you. You may want to be careful with items from other religions as they may not have the same meaning as they do in their original culture.

Is it okay if I move my spiritual altar around the house?

As long as you have a dedicated space for your spiritual altar, this is a good idea. The only warning I would give here is to make sure that you put things back in the same place after you’re done using them so that the energy of your ritual space remains undisturbed.

My spiritual altar is in a space that I share with my partner. Do we both need our own spiritual altars?

It is not absolutely necessary for both people to have their own spiritual altar, but it is a good idea. If you are both very spiritual, then you may want to create different altars that reflect what each person desires. Spirituality is very personal and has many different facets. You can create an altar that reflects your own personal faith or philosophy.

what are the benefits of having a spiritual altar?

The spiritual altar has many benefits. Mostly it is a place to meditate and reflect on your spiritual path. It helps you focus and connect to the things that are important to you.

After I create my spiritual altar and have it set up, is it okay to rearrange things on my altar over time?

Yes, that is fine. A spiritual altar is completely in your control. You can move things around, add and remove items as you see fit.

What do I do with my spiritual altar if I am not using it for a while?

This is entirely up to you. If you are not using your spiritual altar for a while and it is in your home or in a place where the energy of the space is disturbed by guests or family members, then I would suggest moving your spiritual altar to a safe place where it will not be disturbed until you are ready to use it again.

My spiritual altar was taken by someone else without my permission. What do I do now?

This is unfortunate, but it happens. You can try using other techniques to get it back or making a new one and consecrating it with the same energy of love and respect as the original one.

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